12 Apr P3 System by Wendy Kirkland. P3: Putting Probability Potential on Your Side of the TradeAnd, as anyone who has ever tried the P3 System. 11 May (SI Newswire) Wendy Kirkland is an ingenious, prosperous Options namely ‘ Price Surge System’, ‘P3 System’ and ‘Wealth Building with. Hi friends. P3 SQUEEZE METHOD of wendy kirkland is interesting. see link TradeWins Publishing Wendy has wriiten a book called TRADING.

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I will probably ask for my money back. July 10, 6: October 31, 1: Thanks again to stock gumshoe for saving us from ourselves. Wendy wanted to sell me her program, but I still have some questions.

aendy Mike, since you live in Asheville NC. I will definitely stay away from her. January 9, 2: June 29, Thank you so much for your thoughtful and generous advise.

Thanks so much for people sharing their experiences, trials, and tribulations. I thought I bought an expert.

It would be helpful if the more recent comments were posted first! Azam Khan, I believe you are on a great path. October 22, 6: If it does work, any idiot would be willing to pay the wendy kirkland p3 system fee. June 6, 4: Of course no program will work without some effort, but sometimes its hard to know what to wendy kirkland p3 system. However, if you learn about options, as several here have stated, and apply the extra knowledge you would then bring to the table, I think you can do quite well with the P3 system—just beware of the limitations.


So far, I do not even have a profit. October 9, Who knows; but always, buyer beware.


Outdated methodology generating high losses and kindergarten gains. I call it the liars club. June 15, Just a few random thoughts that might be helpful: Wendy kirkland p3 system, trading options for aliving is a pipe dream for most people.

Why are these scammers not in jail? And then she gets on the internet and posts raving review about herself.

The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. This is wendy kirkland p3 system being kirklanf and forth coming. November 10, 2: And Wendy Kirkland kirklandd claims she has the holy grail. So if you would be so kind, I would like her contact Info Thank you Mike. The person I talked to was very understanding and was gracious enough to extend my subscription another 6 mo.

November 22, 8: January 15, 1: Robin, Are you still out there?

P3 System by Wendy Kirkland

Robin, Thank you for adding your comment. Jim, I am very interested to know what the website is that you like. I also have my own spread systems that have good promise. Seems a All these newsletter services com from the same source tradewins and they all have a sad story of how they were devasted they make their money selling news letters. Please do join and come back wendy kirkland p3 system let us know how you did. I viewed her latest webinar and the current guarantee wendy kirkland p3 system Merit Paycheck is.


Has anyone had any wenxy with this service? I stopped trading it after I wendy kirkland p3 system sure it was not for me and was not going to change. Finally I found a blog written by a trader who knows Wendy personally, has read her books, has traded using her system, and has moved on.

IMHO Scamorno is a scam. Grerat and informative comments. It all depends on that individual and if they will apply themselves and take the time to learn.

October 9, 8: She has made a million dollars selling Hope and Wendy kirkland p3 systemnot a system that works. Who would want to wait and loose more money with her system. It seems she also tried to trade more contracts on the heels of a loss, resulting in bigger losses.

Hime tooimpossible to downloadeach time i download i have a black page How long have you been trading her system?