18 Jun Check out the Chaos Warhound Scout Titan and the Relic Sicaran Battle Tank’s new rules. More Imperial Armour news for you guys. We’ve got. 7 Dec So I happen to own a Warhound Scout Titan, in the original index rules he was points, which already seemed not great to me. I played. INQUISITORIAL WARHOUND SCOUT TITAN. POINTS: Void Shields Deflects long range weaponry. Princeps Cockpit. Vulcan Mega-bolter 30 rounds per.

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I hope GW fix the way they do points and adjustments, it was such a knee jerk reaction to something that was not as bad a problem as spamming conscripts, etc. And this thing will only be featured in apocalypse warhound titan rules where there will be other anti-armor units like shadowswords also shooting it, or a lot more than only 2 squads of Geanstealers.

Yes, GW wants you to. This page was last modified on 1 Juneat Warhound titan rules the more I warhhound about it, the more it seems like at its current strength it should be 1, points to be OK power wise.

Although some weapons are a little meh, for the others you must take into account how they fit into the whole. I really feel like, if they don’t want big stuff in small games, then why did they not nerf the worst offenders at all, yet they hammered on a warhound titan rules unit to begin with so much, that it now doesn’t have a place in large games anymore.

In general all warhound titan rules Super Super Heavies titans got their points increased dramatically. If the goal was to remove super rulss stuff from smaller games, why do they still support an army of all knights, or all baneblades?

Although with the rules they put in for fielding Relics, it is almost impossible to field. June 20, 1: It’s quite possible that it’s just a heavy weapon that’s not affected by “heavy weapons don’t subtract 1” rules.


Warhound-class Titan

Now they cranked the cost up another points. I just fucking said that above, actually. The Warhound differs structurally from other Imperial Titans in that it sacrifices a humanoid appearance for a canine-like chassis with reverse-jointed legs and shoulder weapon mounts. But at 2k, if you wanted warhound titan rules play like a 5k point matched play game for fun, the warhound is the worst choice you could make for your army. In regards to the fellblade, that really makes warhound titan rules sense either.

August 10, 9: Now with this change, you could take 4 Knight Titans, while I take 1 Warhound.

A Lucius Pattern Warhound -class Titan. Seems like an attempt by GW to price out all the “oddities” out of “tournament” formats.

If your army contains a model with the Arch-daemonic Ritual rule, they may instead warhound titan rules being deployed normally be summoned like other Daemons to the battlefield, although with greater risk to the summoner as befits their power and perilous nature.

No FW in tournaments, kids.

Just covers any mix of weapon types mixed together. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The best weapon in a particular category eg. I played him in a few warhound titan rules games and it was fun, but it did prove to me I wasn’t crazy, he was too expensive. The main attraction of 40k is the miniatures, but there are warhound titan rules many video games, board games, books, ect. June 19, So…Warlord first to break T If the goal is to not have all huge super heavy stuff in a 2k game, why did some of the units that were already bad get made worse, but the ones that were at least playable, remain unchanged, or in the case of Knights actually improve?


Their relative speed and agility enables them to fulfill a similar scouting role to their imperial counterpart, but as is warhound titan rules nature of chaos, they also have a tendency to act like literal Jackals, ruthlessly picking off weaker targets. So maybe we each play a 2k point army, and I bring a Warhound and you get 3 Knight Titans, or a Knight and a Fellblade etc.

40K: Imperial Armour Datasheets Revealed – Chaos Titan and Relic Sicaran – Bell of Lost Souls

I really don’t see how anyone showed up to a point tournament with a warhound and tabled a bunch of people. So who knows, maybe they’ll get something akin to the relic rule where there has to be a tax before warhound titan rules allowed in. It doesn’t ruin small games anymore, warhound titan rules warhounnd only see play at 5k points games anyway you know?

The Shadowsword tank from IG has a Volcano Cannon warhound titan rules has a similar number of shots and damage output as my Warhound. Given warhound titan rules bad the warhound is currently, I would even say with that rule you could reduce it to points. If we play apocolypse warhojnd games using the points system, I literally make my team lose if I take my Warhound.

Warhound Scout Titan

That warhound titan rules and the severe restrictions on psychic powers are the two things 8th did that I like the least in an otherwise solid edition. June 19, 2: The Warhound Titan, despite being a class of Scout Titan, is still an immense tjtan machine that stands warhound titan rules metres approx. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.