It is difficult for the embodied soul to see the transcendent Lord. In the Tulasi plant it is relatively easy to see the Lord’s ever-present grace. Yet a person may. Tulsi Vivah is the ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi (holy basil) plant to the Hindu god Shaligram or Vishnu or to his avatar, Sri Krishna. The Tulsi wedding.

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Notify tulasi pooja in tulxsi new comments via email. The attendees clap signifying approval to the wedding. What stops us from moving forward on the road of love, peace, harmony and happiness? Tulasi Sankeerthaney Lyrics and Audio 4. Thulasi puja and slogams are good. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Your Birth Month will reveal everything about your Soulmate. Health benefits of Tulsi. One who sees or comes near a house or tulasi pooja in where the Tulasi plant is present gets rid of all his sinful reactions, including that of killing a brahmana. Tulsi Vivah is the ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi holy basil plant to the Hindu god Shaligram or Vishnu or to his avatar, Sri Krishna. Place a copper spoon into it.

Firewalking Tluasi Temple dance. Posted by meeraghu in Pooje tulasi pooja in, Tulasi Pooja.

tulasi pooja | A blog by Rakesh HP

I always tulasi pooja in humbled and blessed when I perform the same. Sri Lakshman Ragde http: Thulasi kananam yatra tulasi pooja in padmavanaani cha Vasanthi vaishnava yatra thathra sannihitho hari Pushkaraadhyaani theerthani Gagadhya sarithas thatha Vaasudeva dayo devaa vasanthi thulasivane Praseetha thulasi devi praseetha hari vallabe Ksheerotha mathanoth boothe thulasithvam namamyaham.

Tulasi puja is important for humanity now, because it reconnects people to nature and teaches them respect for nature. You are always very dear to Lord Kesava.


All plants effortlessly communicate with other plants throughout the world.

daily tulasi pooja with slokas

It is said tulasi pooja in doing spiritual practices in the presence of a Guru greatly empowers a person’s efforts, and the same is said of doing spiritual practice in the presence of a Tulasi plant. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Puja reveals the binding subconscious thoughts and emotions, but it also helps the spiritual seeker to work through these attachments, to transform their perception of who they are, and alter the events of their lives for the better.

The festival is started with the tulasi pooja in chanting of Ramcharitmanas or Ramayana by the villagers itself. All caste takes participation in this village accordingly. Please try again later. Here it is celebrated as three day festival in the hindi month of Kartik from Ekadashi to Trayodashi. Tulasi teaches compassion for life and tulasi pooja in.

Posted by meeraghu in HinduismTulasi Pooja. May She bless them with the vision of Her transcendent grace dwelling in their own hearts and pervading the universe; which yearns to be realized from within itself; which is the sure solution for all the world’s suffering; which is seen embodied by the Great Goddess Tulasi.

To simply smell the fragrant oils in the leaves of a Tulasi plant uplifts the soul and begins to draw the mind into a deep state of tulasi pooja in and meditative awareness. X We are ready to tulasi pooja in you. Perform Neivedhya and aarathi. At Prabhu Dham in Saunja, Indiathe festival is collectively celebrated by whole village which makes it a significant point of attraction.

Tulsi Vivah ceremony takes place in tulasi pooja in late evening. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Meaning — I bow down to the Tulsi, at whose base are all the holy places, tulawi whose top reside all the deities and in whose middle are all the Vedas. After decorating Tulasi Vrindavana, people offer prayers to Tulasi.


The groom is a brass image or picture of Vishnu or Krishna or sometimes Balarama or more frequently the Shaligram tulasi pooja in – the symbol of Vishnu. People desirous of children perform Kanyadaan from Tulsi’s side acting as her parents.

This is best exemplified by the Hindu people of India who regard the Tulasi plant as a living Goddess. Yes i already posted aarthi songs in this link https: Tulasi is the essence of all devotional activities. Posted by meeraghu in MusicTulasi pooja inTulasi Pooja. People all over India celebrated tulasi pooja on October 30, Part of a series on. The legend behind Tulasi pooja in Vivah and its rites are told in the scripture, Padma Purana. If you do have my email ID, just send it to me. Tulasy amrta janmasi Sada tvam kesava-priya Kesavartham cinomi tvam Varada bhava sobhane.

Retrieved jn ” https: In the great wisdom and compassion the Sages have selected certain physical objects which are large or great and tulasi pooja in them as examples, sign posts, and meditation tulasi pooja in. When picking Tulasi leaves, chant the following mantra: Pick Tulasi leaves and flowers in the morning, never at night from sunset to sunrise Tulasi should not be plucked on dvadasi.

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