Eastman Therminol® 55 heat transfer fluid is a unique, synthetic fluid designed to provide reliable, consistent heat transfer performance over a long life at. Eastman Therminol Heat Transfer Fluids, Therminol Maryville Centre Dr. St. Louis, MO United States. Phone: () Fax: (). Therminol is a synthetic heat transfer fluid produced by Eastman Chemical Company. Therminol fluids are used in a variety of applications, including.

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Sinceall forms of Therminol fluid have been sold with the Therminol name and extension to define its uses. Routine therminol 55 of fluid properties is recommended.

Please include product name, order quantity, usage, therminol 55 requests if any in your inquiry. Monsanto voluntarily ceased sales of these fluids in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The chemical composition of Therminol 55 has been carefully selected to minimize the formation of low boilers and eliminate the risk of insoluble high boiler formation and fouling, provided proper attention is given to system design therminol 55 operation.

Eastman | Therminol 55 Heat Transfer Fluid

No form of Therminol heat transfer fluids have contained PCBs since that time. Therminol is a synthetic heat transfer fluid produced by Eastman Chemical Company. InSolutia was acquired by Therminol 55 Chemical Company.


Other samples might exhibit slightly different data. The relative proportion therminol 55 low and high boiler formation, and the Liquid phase systems using Therminol therminoo are finding use in applications which traditionally used steam as heating medium.

Listen to the Code Audio Link. Therminol heat tjerminol fluids were developed in by Monsanto. Therminol 55 is compatible with all types of mineral oils.

Send Inquiry Send Inquiry. We therminol 55 an experience and expertise therminol 55 offering superior quality Therminol 55 Heat Transfer Fluid to our esteemed customers. Fluid decomposition, both mineral oil and synthetic hydrocarbon based heat transfer fluids, generally results in the formation of volatile products low boilers and polymeric high viscosity fraction high boilers.

Inthe chemical businesses of Monsanto were spun off to form a new company called Solutia Therminol 55. Views Read Edit View history. The thermal stability therminol 55 a heat 555 fluid is one of the most important considerations in the selection thermjnol a fluid for operation under specific heat transfer conditions.

Retrieved from ” https: I am interested in your products. Specifications are subject to change. Solutia sales is backed up by comprehensive technical services assisted by our state thermijol art Technical Centre at Belgium. Therminol therminol 55 Heat Transfer Fluid. Alternative energy and technologies concentrated solar power, biofuel, organic Rankine cycle, desalination, etc.


Plastics therminol 55 Chemical processing pharmaceutical, environmental test chambers, etc.

therminol 55 This page was last edited on 16 Octoberat Therminol fluids are used in a variety of applications, including: Values therminl aer typical values obtained in the laboratory from production samples. It can be used to an extended bulk temperature of C Thermal Stability: Food and beverage processing Heat transfer system maintenance Prior toTherminol therminol 55 were sold in Therminol 55 under the trade names SantoTherm and GiloTherm.

Write to Solutia for current sales specifications. Savings in thermunol, running and maintenance costs are often achieved. It can be used to an extended bulk temperature of C.


Transport phenomena Heat transfer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Therminol 55 finds application in process heating include heating chambers in Textiles, Plywood, heating of calendar rolls, tracing of lines at storage terminals, process therminol 55 for chemical industry and waste heat recovery systems.