7 Aug The Wish List by Eoin Colfer. Meg Finn is in trouble, unearthly trouble. Cast out of her own home by her stepfather a. This is the premise of Eoin Colfer’s wickedly funny new novel, The Wish List. The creator of the wildly successful, best-selling Artemis Fowl series, Colfer scores. Read Common Sense Media’s The Wish List review, age rating, and parents guide. Eoin Colfer knows how to grab his readers: The first 10 pages contain a .

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Jerk with a Heart of Gold: The book The Wish List took place in Ireland in the city during a small time frame long ago. I give it a five out of five for a star rating. Now, in a beautifully written clofer that is already breaking records in his native Ireland, Colfer introduces readers to a lovable but troubled heroine, who has been given the opportunity for a special kind of redemption.

Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up: I won’t tell you how it all turns out, but trust the incredibly imaginative Eoin Colfer to provide surprises, wit, and pathos as Meg tries to help a robbery victim and old age pensioner tick off the last four items on his bucket list. But how can she persuade the pensioner Lowrie to help her when the wish list eoin colfer has wronged him? the wish list eoin colfer

The purple the wish list eoin colfer residue. The first 10 pages contain a robbery, a pit bull attack, a shooting, and the death of the two main characters in a fiery explosion.

This being one of his earlier books, I think I picked the wrong story to start with. Okay, I understand and wish to proceed. Add your rating See all 9 kid the wish list eoin colfer. Meg Finn has led a miserable life. Justified, given the fact eojn he constantly suffers serious damage to his human side. I thought giving him an iPhone to monitor the residents was a great touch.


Throughout the novel, Meg shows her strength as a person and how she is able to accomplish any task no matter what obstacles get in her way. Meg’s step-father really isn’t a nice guy. Lowrie interrupts their break-in, prompting Belch’s dog to attack him.


What follows is the run of the mill, girl and old man she saved in the break in go completing his list of things he wished he had done with his life. While this book eoih anyone quite as funny as Foaly in the Artemis Fowl books, it makes up for it with a wis more heart — nothing soppy, of course, this is a Eoin Colfer book after all, but just the hint of a the wish list eoin colfer glow in the testy developing relationship between a crusty old never-was and a hardened little never-will-be.

Based on 9 reviews. Is it the best book of him? Aug 22, Brent rated it it was ok Shelves: See how we rate. The main character is Meg Flynn, an Irish girl whose Mother has passed away and the wish list eoin colfer Step-Father is pretty much an uncaring, lazy slob. Lowrie agrees, but only on the condition wisu Meg shows him what the man did to make Meg seek her revenge.

The Wish List

With many twists and turns, the reader didn’t know what to expect. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Cast out colfeer her own home by her stepfather after her mother’s death, Meg is a wanderer, a troublemaker. Return to Book Page. It had The Colfer touch to it every page.

On to the story: So she ends up getting sent back t This is the type of book that Oprah usually parades around, but fortunately for Eoin Colfer she didn’t find this one.


La irreverencia con la que the wish list eoin colfer del cielo y del infierno resulta refrescante, y la seriedad con la que woin la trama y habla del bien y del mal consiguen que el argumento sea redondo.

The Wish List (novel) – Wikipedia

Sponsored products related to this item What’s this? It describes Colfer’s humor, his no-kid-gloves approach to qish readers, and, quite literally, the plot. As things seem hopeless for team Evil, Elph manages to cause Lowrie to have a the wish list eoin colfer kist attack by appearing on the wish list eoin colfer visible spectra in front of him just before he can complete the final wish, exploiting his already failing heart.

As a spirit, Meg ends up in limbo, right in the middle between hell and heaven. But the way they have it determinded whether wishh are going to heaven or hell in the book is to see if the good or bad out weigh the other. The author’s purpose in writing this novel was again to show the reader that second chances are given and that one must handle their second chance by correcting all the wrongs they had committed before.

I believe this book to be a few steps down from Artemis Fowl. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

The Wish List was a brief and fun read. Although I did appreciate the episode where view spoiler [he goes to confront the childhood bully and the other old man has also been dwelling regretfully on it, and they are able to find peace instead of revenge hide spoiler ].