Among them Ivan Osokin, a young man about twentyY six. Osokin is visibly agitated although he tries not to show it. Zinaida is talking to her brother, Michail, . Strange Life of Ivan Osokin. Commentary by John Pentland. Although so deeply committed to writing that he often said, not altogether jokingly, that it was. 2 Apr Ivan Osokin is a man in his middle twenties; he is feckless, undisciplined and broke. He’s had many chances to make good in life, but has.

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He even becomes afraid to think. Perhaps that’s how the original itself reads, and perhaps that ztrange Ouspensky’s intention. Jun 12, Elena rated it liked it.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here There is no “beauty” to distract us, no titillating etrange about how the romance looked from Zinaida’s side.

The strange life of Ivan Osokin. Cool tone, very enjoyable and very fast read. For much of the book, I found it a rather painful read.

The prose itself is less than average in comparison to the quality of work I generally strange life of ivan osokin, in comparison to genre-fiction this would be better than averagehowever I found the little life lessons an enjoyable thing to consume this afternoon. I also appreciated the way it approached the philosophy of pre-determination vs. In the previous life I followed a magician and now am left alone to do it right on my own, or something like that.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. In a word, he needs to learn to “live. No trivia or quizzes yet. He says Osokin can change his strange life of ivan osokin next time around, but only by making significant changes within himself. So really the sole function of the magician is to enable Osorkin to step down off the throne of running-his-own-show and simply ASK for help and direction.

I think this is the most awful thing of all.

Why not, if you truly have free will? This section is empty. Why can’t he change? Its achievement lies less in what it contains than in what is all the time being left out in order to bring readers within reach of its central psychological idea.


Strange Life of Ivan Osokin – Wikiwand

He tells a magician of his woes, longs to begin his life over again, then he can change things for the better. There are few untidy ends and flaws in the book, by which a movie promoter with osooin flair for compromise and associative reasoning can enter the story.

It is neither his perceptions nor his intelligence which need special attention, it is their lack of relation with his everyday behavior and actions. Ouspensky s novel stubs. From a distance, he can remember the whole pattern but as events come close he can see only the separate details so that not all at once, but little by little, the trap called life closes in on him.

Fortunatelly it did have an end although it was rather shallow. Spoiler gibi olmasin ama kitapta en cok etkilendigim iki kucuk paragrafi hem daha sonra unutmamak icin hemde sizler icin paylasmak istiyorum.

And I know it all by heart. Strange life of ivan osokin novel serves as a narrative platform for Nietzsche ‘s theory of eternal recurrence [ strange life of ivan osokin needed ].

Strange Life of Ivan Osokin

Want to Read saving…. Strange life of ivan osokin conclusion fully anticipates the Shrange Way Philosophy which typified Ouspensky’s later works [ citation needed ].

But whether through a fault of the author or the translation, the cinematic elements only sporadically appear, seeming more like non-sequiturs or vestiges of a defunct intent. The plot is not specially original.


But in spite of the economy practiced in other parts of the book, Ouspensky, who doubtless watched many Osokins reach this moment of choice, does not fail to end the story with a detailed account of how Osokin’s thoughts strange life of ivan osokin began to circle while he pondered his final dilemma—and how this time something of the magician’s influence entered and acted in him. This article about a s novel is a stub.

A low four star rating. To prove this principle, the book should have gone forever in cycles, every time Osokin would come, he would be returned and it would go all over again, there should be no end to it. Lumping them toward the end of the book as a lessons to learn list made me feel as though I was reading strange life of ivan osokin a school course, though in truth it did directly state the author’s intent for writing th A low four star rating.


Kitabin kapagibdaki natulius ve arkasindaki ozet cok dikkatimi cekti.

Except for Osokin, the characters are stiff and very simply sketched in. Spoiler gibi olmasin ama kitapta en cok etkilendigim iki kucuk paragrafi hem daha sonra Kitap bana cok sevdigim birinin tavsiyesi ile strange life of ivan osokin. The theme of reliving life is common in literature, but this has to be one of the more authentic personal life-like versions. Feb 03, Strange life of ivan osokin Eflatun rated it really liked it. Definitely not re-read quality for me, syrange I’m glad I took the time to check out this little known classic.

All the same, the plain sensitivity with which Osokin’s adolescence is described will awaken long-forgotten feelings in many readers and a strange life of ivan osokin interest in oskoin young people.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Both works imply that a sober acceptance of personal accountability is necessary in order to effect an increase in the degree of freedom of the individual. Coming late to this thread. Diaper duty long since past. Most of his choices are negations, the lack of action, but worse than that is he lives his life over and over, between the ages of 14 and 26, without the possibility of changing any outcome.

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