Sparkling Cyanide. A beautiful heiress is fatally poisoned in a West End restaurant. Six people sit down to dinner at a table laid for seven. In front of the empty. Sparkling Cyanide has ratings and reviews. Julie said: Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie is a Minotaur publication. (Originally publi. 26 Sep Scriptwriters Robert Malcolm Young, Sue Grafton and Stephen Humphrey transposed the Agatha Christie story Sparkling Cyanide from its.

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It was hard to determine how this all would play out but I had my ideas but nothing that made it become clear. The death was assumed to be suicide, but when the woman’s husband receives two anonymous messages he begins to suspect it was murder. It all seemed like an enigma unsolvable. One year earlier on 2 November, seven people sat down to dinner at the restaurant “Luxembourg”.

I’ve seen at least 3 different film versions of this book, so it’s high time I sat down and read it. View all 28 comments. The actress did not arrive and that night George died at the table – poisoned, like his wife, by cyanide in his glass. I must confess it will be hard for Cyanife to top “The Man in the Brown Suit” which was the first in the Colonel Race series and this being the last. The moral of the story is the classic “don’t take anyone’s word for Re-read Colonel Race 4 books.


Upper-class tart gets her come-uppance in smart London restaurant, and husband later suffers the same fate.

Sparkling Cyanide

Quotes from Sparkling Cyanide. And the simple fact that this book was written by her is the first reason why you should read this. Her death was thought a su I love Agatha Christie. Sparkling Cyanide Colonel Race, 4 3. You didn’t ask yourself, even, what they were like.

Josef Sommer as George Barton. She was thought to have committed suicide due to post-flu depression.

Suffice it to say that the book makes a great deal more sense than any of the filmed versions I’ve seen. In lateit was loosely adapted by Laura Lamson for ITV1again in a modern setting, and involving a football manager’s wife’s murder. This is a fairly standard whodunit, Christie-style – only it’s overlaid by such a strong human element that the whodunit is almost superseded by it.

Or maybe I enjoyed this story because it was very well written Preview — Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie.

Fresh Off the Boat. Views Read Edit View history. Same goes for family members normally. See 2 questions about Sparkling Cyanide…. Six months later, her husband George receives anonymous letters saying that Rosemary was murdered.

Sparkling Cyanide | Agatha Christie Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I did go back and re-read a few parts with that in mind. This novel is set almost a year after the death of Rosemary Barton. The low down spoiling nothing, Rosemary has committed suicide and a year after she is dead the sparklkng come tumbling down and things are known unknown before. A year later, his Husband George Barton, begins to suspect that it was not a suicide, but a murder. Here, Rosemary’s only alive through people’s remembrances. She based at least two of her stories on the hall: This is considered the fourth book in the Colonel Race, Agatha Christie mysteries.


It was perfect for the mood I was in, plus it is a Christie novel that I had sparklign read. I know it’s a 5-star Agatha when she reveals the murderer and I smack myself on the forehead and yell, “Holy crap! Their marriage was especially happy in the early years and remained so until Christie’s death in His death would have been dismissed as suicide as well if not for the investigation of his friend Colonel Race.

The murderer, and the reason for murder, is rather obvious – however, the real twist is elsewhere! Brown Suit was perfection to me and Christie’s humor brilliant. If Iris dies unmarried, the money would pass to her only relative, her aunt Lucilla Drake.