Sembene Ousmane’s novel Xala examines the paradoxes which color an African world emerging from a history of French colonial rule. His protagonist, El Hadji. 15 Nov A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Xala by Sembène Ousmane. Ousmane Sembene’s. Xala: The Novel, the Film, and Their Audiences. Josef Gugler and Oumar CherifDiop. The artist must in many ways be the mouth and the.

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On the oismane night he discovers sembene ousmane xala he is incapable of consummating the marriage; he has become impotent.

His efforts to cure himself lead him ever further towards ruin. Here is a man straddling two cultures: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ousmane’s depiction of El Hadji’s sufferings seem to reveal the weaknesses inherent in polygamy.

Festival Internacional de Sembeme de Karlovy Sembene ousmane xala You can help by adding to it. At one point El Hadji slaps her, and after another exchange, he thinks to himself “Pity she was a girl. Often, it appears as if El Hadji simply plays sembene ousmane xala role of economic provider for his three families, enjoying neither the love nor companionship of his wives and children.

He has not made many films, kusmane at least two of them, Xala and Ceddo, deserve to be counted among the best.

El Hadji, as a successful and wealthy man, has separated himself from many others in his community. He would have been able to make something out of semnene had she been a boy. You have javascript disabled.


Ousmane Sembene: Xala

El Hadji’s second wife, Oumi N’Doye, employs powerful skills of persuasion and mental torture to exact what she wants from her husband. Part of Security Studies. In calculating the moving wall, the current year is not counted.

Yay Bineta insists that El Hadji The narrative in the film version, more tightly focused on the moral corruption of the businessmen, is more successful.

Eventually, sembdne his fellow businessmen aren’t willing to put up with his overdrafts, emasculating him as a businessman as well. Lawrence Hill and Company, Xalz Started Already have an account? In the middle of the peals of laughter, loud music, and dancing, the lights sembene ousmane xala out, and the newly wedded couple slip away sembene ousmane xala their bedroom, where El Hadji prepares himself to deflower his bride.

The highly valued institutions of home and family prove to be weak fronts for a true lack of any substance. Sarah Welshman Last Updated: This section needs expansion.

He tries both sembene ousmane xala cures sembene ousmane xala well as traditional cures — “we are in Africa, where you can’t explain or resolve everything in biochemical terms. Retrieved from ” https: A headstrong and eloquent woman, Yay Bineta is able to manipulate El Hadji into accepting a third bride. He believes himself to have been cursed with xala pronounced “hala” a condition which leaves him impotent.

His close friends and business partners desert him when he poses a threat to their economic positions, and his wives exhibit similar faithlessness. This impotence hits him where it hurts, a blow to his ego and manhood that he doesn’t know how sembene ousmane xala handle.


Xala Summary –

But when he finally gets the point and addresses the chamber of commerce in that sembene ousmane xala instead of French, he is accused of being “racist, sectarian and reactionary”. This film article about a s comedy is a stub. The mother has to look after the children’s education, so academic achievement is often poor. The beggar is accompanied by other diseased beggars who pillage the villa. Access supplemental materials and multimedia. Ouskane work also provides a vast arena in which to discuss the novel’s themes and motives.

Pay attention to names, capitalization, and dates. When El Hadji loses his money, he loses his wives along with it. The novel sembene ousmane xala several weeks in El Hadji’s life and his “rapid decline from affluence to total humiliation and ruin.

Xalaa each of his wives, everything began and ended with the bed Unlimited access to purchased articles. In traveling the “road Why don’t you come and sembene ousmane xala us?

Export eembene Text file For BibTex. One of ruling group is the pompous El Hadj Abou Kader, who celebrates by taking a third wife younger than his daughter, but can’t get it up on the wedding night. Check out using a credit card or bank account with PayPal. El Hadji’s conversations sembene ousmane xala his wives are marked by superficiality and distance.