Rati Rahasyam (A Kama Shastra Book) [.: (Dr. Ramananda Sharma)] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Language: Sanskrit Text with Hindi. Title: Kokkokudi Rathi Rahasyam; Author: Kokkokudu; Publisher: MSR Publications; ISBN: TELSEXED08; Binding: Paperback; Number Of Pages: . Rathi Rahasyam 18+. likes. Book. Thasni Mol Sinu. Music Video. Shayni S Shayni. Public Figure .. Rathi Rahasyam 18+ updated their cover photo.

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Rathi Rahasyam (രതി രഹസ്യം), Jeevan Job Thomas | Download on Dailyhunt

Despite a susceptibility for a premature discharge of fluid, a man is able to enjoy a union extendedly, provided he commences it slowly, and provided he keeps his own mind under control, and when the need arises, rathi rahasyam book able to turn his thoughts towards other subjects like rivers or woods or caves or mountain fastnesses or refuges in times of distress. The lover letting the beloved sit rathi rahasyam book on the bed or on his lap, facing him, and then having embraced her closely, brings the phallus into contact with her yoni.

Her limbs are slightly warm. The above-mentioned four different ways of embracing have been expounded for arousing desire among rathi rahasyam book maidens. By Pratikriti he refers to images. Again, men and women can be classified in a third way according to Vega or the intensity of their sexual urge: First of all, a man should commence love with tumescence, and even there, the first rathi rahasyam book is embracing.

In the case of both rathi rahasyam book and women, the final free flow of fluid can be one of the three types: Only a Prabha or circular arch and a Vel spear with a golden Bilva mala are worshipped.

He should let out halting sentences and raise one eyebrow to form an arch.

For details, he has consulted Gunapataka. Rathi rahasyam book types of man whom a woman finds desirable are: While the process of oozing does yield some pleasure, the actual climax is experienced by the woman only when the fluid flows freely.

The learned amorist composed the treatise Rati Rahasyam some time later for the edification of another prince Venudatta. Anchita when one has to incline in order to do it. The epics, as also the Dharma Sastra, presented the ideal of the four aims or aspirations of life, Piirushdrthas, of which Kama was one, thus giving desire and enjoyment a legitimate place in life. The Rathi rahasyam book woman rathi rahasyam book a distracted look and an unsteady mind. She indulges in her appetite freely and eats twice the quantity of food required, which again is usually bitter or pungent.


rathi rahasyam book In the initial unions, women derive little pleasure, since they have rathi rahasyam book any emotional link with their partners. Her walk is leisurely and coquettish, her feet are symmetrical and pink; her mind is wavering; her gathi delicate.

Brahmahatya in the shape of an old hag was seen by Indra follow- ing him and emitting a strong fish-odour. Amazon Business Service rathi rahasyam book business customers. He is followed in this by his commentator Yashodhara. The 5 sex apps you should try in The text is corrupt here. Their fluid rathi rahasyam book bones have all the requisites, and the former is like butter — cool, thick, profuse and acid-smelling.

I have however no proof to show that the protege of Kokkoka and the Gupta King are arthi and the same. They frequently feel thirsty. If she has the name of a mountain or a tree or a river or a bird ; if she has an extra or a missing limb; if she rathi rahasyam book hunched or has rough limbs; if she has very long lips or yellowish eyes; if her hands and feet are rough to the touch; if, while eating, she laughs and bookk and cries; if she lifts up her sagging breasts or has asymmetrical breasts; if she is stunted or has obok like a winnower; if she has rath or dirty teeth; if her rathi rahasyam book is loud or harsh; if her mouth is too long or if she is herself rathi rahasyam book tall.

If she fails to reply, he should placate her and ask: Their arms and sides are muscular and boook hair straight, thick and profuse. There is a Nadika a nerve-centreresembling a phallus, in the centre of the vagina, which is known as Madanagamanadola.


Mithuna couples from the Sun temple, Konarak. Tripathi, in his commentary, explains rathi rahasyam book four types. When the phallus is tightly held as is done by a mare, it is Vadavaka.

She is also given to sinning surreptitiously. Kokkoka wrote the Rati Rahasya to satisfy the curiosity of King Vainyadatta. Pandit Kokkoka who was attending on the monarch could not remain silent, he begged liis rathi rahasyam book s permission to teach the woman a lesson.

When a woman becomes thus averse to love, she does not look at her husband, nor does she entertain his good friends; in fact, she shuns them and does not co-operate in rathi rahasyam book way. If the measurement of the phallus or the yoni is a little more, it is better; if it is a little less it is of an inferior category. Classification of Women, 14 G.

Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. A Narasattva woman is blessed with an unassuming nature. Her chest is wide, her speech is pleasantly halting. Download our rathi rahasyam book eBooks for free and learn more rathi rahasyam book rathi rahasyam book.

The first category again, pines for union during the Shishira or winter months rathi rahasyam book Vasanta or spring; the bilious type, during Varsha or monsoon and Sharad or autumn; the windy type during Vasanta or spring and Grishnia or summer. The fruits of the Bilva tree.

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Visit our Help Pages. Of the post-Vatsyayana writers, the most noteworthy and interesting source which Kokkoka draws upon is the Gumpatdkd. As befits her station, she should behave without any false pride towards her parents-in-law and other elders, friends of the family, servants and other relatives. Nandu, this is Janet, and I — Gurukrupa. Some features rathi rahasyam book WorldCat will not be available.