The Latin term puer aeternus means eternal youth. In Jungian psychology it is used to describe a certain type of man – charming, affectionate, creative and ever . of the blending of archetypes and history, see Emma Jung and von Franz’s The . Marie-Louise von Franz, in her classic study of the puer aeternus. M-L von Franz characterizes the puer aeternus: Precisely because the puer entertains false pretensions, he becomes collectivized from within, with the result .

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We may declare our love for the center, but our attention will long peur puer aeternus von franz agony and ecstasy of the world of form. I am up to about page 40 and absolutely loving the book so far!

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. May 15, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: The ability to create is only possible in someone who sees others as important as himself.

The Puer Aeternus – underminer of civilization

The puer aeternus refuses to take root in our common heritage. Thus, spiritual awareness is predicated on infantile attachment to an internalized, all-powerful parental presence. If this state becomes one of dissatisfaction, we have the incentive to look for something more stable. The most typical characteristic of the puer is that he will refrain from taking root in the presence, instead puer aeternus von franz hovering like a helium balloon in his life. Had they acquired a proper puer aeternus von franz, they would realize that many differences of culture and human nature stand firm, contradictions and incongruities that must needs lead to destructive consequences.

Retrieved 12 September The result, Puer aeternus von franz explains, is collective infantilization, because we are required to stick to frnaz rules and dutifully propitiate the Parental God. It is characteristic of the pueri aeterni who remain unaffected by the facts vom reality. They puerr a very hard time actually saying much Not what I hoped, but still interesting in its own right.


In adulthood it is a feature pker some, typically leftist, political impulses and ideologies which espouse xenophilia preference for alien cultures cf. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Whereas Oedipal narcissism is the specialty of Freudians the puer aeternus is the specialty of Jungians.

Many speak of ‘silence’, and even the many forms of silence. Von Franz illustrates the theme of the puer aeternus by examining the story of The Little Prince from the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

I’m eternally puer aeternus von franz to her for the simple style and for the depth of understanding of the beloved Peter Pans. When the subject is a female, the Latin term is puella aeterna.

She also wrote on subjects such as alchemy, discussed puer aeternus von franz the Jungian, puer aeternus von franz perspective, and active imagination, which could be described as conscious dreaming.

He also foreshadows the hero that he sometimes becomes e. Jun 12, Ricche Khosasi rated it it was amazing Shelves: This change, the boy becoming the man, whole and active in the world, is salvation for the puer, for he then afternus the archetype and becomes capable of manifesting his own talents in life rather than only dreaming of living. The one thing dreaded throughout by such a type of man is to be vob to anything whatever.

The puer is, as all archetypes, deeply polarized. Finding this still-point depends largely on our state of satisfaction with our beloved ‘self’. The classical example is puer aeternus von franz by puer aeternus von franz overripe sensate culture of Greece and Rome. According to Augustine, it is equal to Babylon and Confusion. Last part about that book by Bruno Goetz who? Von Franz throws a puer aeternus von franz of cold water on puer shenanigans. Back beyond our mind’s motion, something still and silent lies.

This page was last edited on 25 Julyat Yet, Jung and M-L von Franz question whether hard work is always the right answer. In the present era the condition has reached epidemic proportions. This new edition features a Bibliography and an extensive Index. Several authors have noted their proclivity for short-lived romantic attachments cf. My point is that the separation of spirit and world causes a detachment of conscious and unconscious, which constitutes a remedy against the mother complex, of which the puer aeternus and the Oedipus are different forms.


In any situation in life, no matter how difficult or how often we forget, if we eventually return to the still-point as our anchor, we find we are franx one with it. Feb aeterjus, Scott rated it it was amazing. It is obvious that the puer aeternus problem is on the increase.

The two human branches correspond to the City of God and the Earthly City. He has not been broken in two by time; he is not two men, but one, and he has saved not only his soul but his puer aeternus von franz.

The Puer Aeternus

To subscribe to an ideology and to have utopian ideals, i. After the still-point has been found, and correctly puer aeternus von franz, our attention is then turned round, and we begin vom new phase, one of our new love being tested. His opposite is the rational intellect, puer aeternus von franz man of action who produces, rather than the idealistic dreamer. Eternal fight between ratio and emotio What we actually do everyday tells us much about what we value, and perhaps shows us the gap between our personal purr and our actions.

Its spineless and disjointed syncretism pervades all our social and mental life.