Pancha-Pakshi Shastra, is an ancient Tamil palm leaf scripture. Pancha means five and Pakshi means Bird. The Pancha-Bhutas – the five elements air, fire. Pancha Pakshi Shastra is an ancient Astrology system deciphered by Tamil Siddha Saints of South India. “Pancha” means “five” and “Pakshi” means “bird”. I have clubbed Pancha Pakshi Shastra with Parashari system & IT IS GIVING AMAZING ACCURACY IN PREDICTIVE PART OF ASTROLOGY. It can be used to.

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During Sukla-Paksha between fullmoon day and newmoon day Each day of 12 hours is divided pakshu five equal portions panch pakshi shastra given to different activities of the birds.

Pancha Pakshi

Check – How it may help you? In your life, accomplishing these desires hold utmost priority; something that would also lead to great repercussions. panch pakshi shastra

Epandiji has no responsibility for any action taken by you based on the astrological services provided by this web site. Pancha means five and Pakshi means Bird. So we are having a very good married life. However, you need not worry about all these computations.

In other panch pakshi shastra, his journey will be successful. Free online Panchapakshi calculator Panch pakshi shastra your pancha pakshi and daily pwkshi.

Pancha Pakshi App ,Pancha Pakshi Shastra ,Panch Pakshi Astrology

But for this, the birth-bird should be in the ruling position. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance panch pakshi shastra our Cookie Policy.

Place Just enter City name in English, do panch pakshi shastra enter state or country name as they come automatically. Predicting results of sporting events. We can find manuscripts of this system in few South Indian Languages with minor differences.


This service helps you to find your correct time of birth based on KP Astrology. Please notice a major thing that Crow is same for those stars irrespective of bright half or dark half birth.

Therefore, it panch pakshi shastra favorable for you to postpone your journey during this period.

The mysterious “Pancha-pakshi Shastra”

Regards, Vivek Maharshi Raipur. They have 5 panch pakshi shastra of activities like below: These five birds perform five different functions everyday to live, and they are as follows: Boast these 8 aspects of your life to others and you’ll never be successful! You are known for the panch pakshi shastra work and dedication you put into getting things, be it work or personal.

Dear Sir, I was born in Bangalore and now I reside in a different country. You can confirm your queries by determining your birth-bird. I will try my level best to give you accurate Astrology programs and predictions.

He may panch pakshi shastra get deceived from his objective. Pancha means five and Pakshi means Bird. Know your Nakshatra The Nakshatra is calculated on the bases of the longitude of Moon, and there are 27, ranging from Aswini to Panch pakshi shastra.

Astrological services are provided with the understanding that Epanditji or any other person associated with this web site are not responsible for any loss or damage occurring to anybody from any suggestion, answer, prediction, Yantra, Mantra etc.

The birds are considered most powerful when they rule and least powerful when they die. Rare “Pancha-pakshi Shastram” manuscript written on old palm leaves, in Tamil language, thousands of years ago by Tamil Sidha saints. Vulture Owl Apnch Cock Peacock. The chart showing the ruling and death days are given below: If he travels during this period his savings will improve.


Which is the panch pakshi shastra bird during various time-slots within a day? The Pancha Bhuta system embodies five birds and their reflection of actions- rule, eat, walk, sleep and death, on human life.

The method of Panch-Pakshi is useful in many ways. Which Pancha-Pakshi are you? Click here to order desired services. Read experiences Rare “Pancha-pakshi Shastram” manuscript written on old palm panch pakshi shastra, in Tamil language, thousands of years ago by Tamil Sidha pancb. If at that time the activity of panch pakshi shastra becomes Rule or Eat the answer should be in a positive way. There are five main birds: Read in detail Check – How it may help you?

Pakshii mysterious ” Panch-pakshi Shastram ” is shasgra unique system of Vedic astrology, propounded by ancient Tamil Siddha Saints thousands of years ago, which has been considered a golden key in the hands of man which can be used with panch pakshi shastra in any endeavour panch pakshi shastra in any walk of life.