Review or Purchase Panasonic KX-FL – Laser Fax/Copier Machine with up to 12 ppm High Speed, up to 12 ppm, Laser Fax/Copier Machine Overview. Subscription to the appropriate service through your service provider/telephone company is required. Operating Instructions. Compact Laser Fax. Model No. KX- . Full text of “Panasonic KX-FL Fax Machine User Manual”. See other formats. Panasonic High Speed Laser Fax and Copier Operating Instructions Model No.

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Introduction and Installation Accessories 1.

Panasonic KX-FL User Manual | 82 pages

L All or part of the numbers are the same. Programming Undesired Callers 4. How to set the date, time, your logo panasonic kx-fl511 manual fax number. Do not defeat this safety feature by tampering with the plug. The unit does not work.

Ring 1 phone line with 2 or more phone numbers 2. To stop downloading 1. Panasonic kx-fl511 manual ensure that the unit operates properly, we recommend the use of Panasonic toner cartridge Model No. During thunderstorms, avoid using telephones except cordless types. Pre-dialing a fax number You can dial the fax number first before inserting the document.

Replacement program is only available in the 50 United States and is subject to termination at any time without advance notice. Excessive RENs on manuao telephone panasonic kx-fl511 manual may result in the devices not ringing in response to an incoming call. If liquid has been spilled into the unit.


Press [STOP] to remove the document. The printing quality is poor. Panasonic kx-fl511 manual does it mean by “fax in memory” on the display? Ring pattern Settings in feature 32 Standard ring one long ring 1 1 1 1 1st ring 2nd ring A Double ring two short rings Tin n n 1st ring 2nd ring B Triple ring short-long-short rings 1st ring 2nd ring C Other triple ring short-short- long rings jmrn rurrn 1st ring 2nd ring D 42 5- Distinctive Ring 5.

After you have read them, open mqnual drum unit protection bag. Over panasonic kx-fl511 manual, the heat roller sawed through the wire.

L Your greeting message on the answering machine is too long. Contact the state public utility commission, On the rear of this equipment is a label that public service commission or corporation contains, panasonic kx-fl511 manual other information, a product Return to step 1 to enter the next character.

Provides you with names and numbers which panasonic kx-fl511 manual stored in the broadcast memory page If the unit does not work normally by instructions following the operating instructions. Help L The drum life is complete. If the unit operates properly, check the splitter.

When a call is received, the unit will not ring and will display the following. The other party complains that they cannot send a document.

Panasonic fax machine KX-FL Service Manual

If printing quality is still poor, replace panasnic toner cartridge panasonic kx-fl511 manual drum unit. L The unit can only store a name of up to 10 characters long. You can print out the Quick Panasonlc Guide for your assistance. If the number assigned for fax is called, the fax machine will ring.


For safety purposes this unit is equipped with a grounded plug. When power is restored, a power down report panasonic kx-fl511 manual be printed out stating which contents in the memory have been erased. The other party complains that smudges or black lines appear on their received document. Will there be a fax driver software that will work on my latest Mac Operating System? Let the pnaasonic warm up. Ring using with voice mail service 2.

How to receive calls When receiving calls, the unit will automatically answer all calls and only receive fax documents. Connect the unit to a line that does not have these services.

Take the unit to an authorized service center when service is required. panasonic kx-fl511 manual

Panasonic KX-FL511 Fax Machine User Manual

Program code and direct command key [tt][0][0] Quick Setup – [1]: If the test print has a dirty pattern, or blurred points or lines, clean the inside panasonic kx-fl511 manual the unit page panasonic kx-fl511 manual Distinctive Ring 1 phone line with 2 or more phone kx-fl5111 2. Your programmed entries will remain in the broadcast memory allowing frequent re-use. Preparation Keys Characters 2. Pull the tension plate forward 2 and re-insert the recording paper 3then push back the tension plate.