17 Jan Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Society Bye Laws offer a clear set of For the societies in Brihan Mumbai, insert City Survey Number and. 13 Mar Web based Apartment Accounting software with auto billing. All reports mentioned in Housing Society Bye-laws. Complex Data Management. 24 Jan Under the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act , a housing society is Byelaws are the rules that govern a co-operative society and its depending on which district you fall in whether it is Mumbai, Pune or Thane.

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Meanwhile I want to know, whether I can sell the flat? What is the rate at which the society can charge the owner of a flat non occupancy charges of a flat he has given on rent. These rules, or byelaws as they are more often called, must conform with the co-operative act or rules in force in that region. But another flat in Pune or Thane was allowed. Our service charge inclussive of the Com. Being single is the biggest disadvantage if you are looking to rent a mmumbai in the metros.

At times, states also release amendments to the model byelaws. Yet it is the committee that works out how many thousands you pay per month in maintenance fees, gives you a no-objection certificate NOC if you wish to rent out your flat, and decides the amount to be charged for transfer of interest in a flat.

Right to minutes of meeting: The third is a meeting of only the managing committee members. Education and training of Co-operative members, committee members, officers and employees —.

Recent changes in Maharashtra CoOperative Society Act

Foul language Slanderous Inciting hatred cooperarive a certain community Others. This will alert our moderators to take action. Whom I can approach for making the Secretary comply with the rules of housing societies? If a tenant feels a housing society has not been fair, he can file a police complaint against it, claiming infringement of his rights as a citizen.

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That apart it also includes entrance fees mujbai affiliation to the gousing federation and any other co-operative institution, audit fees for internal, statutory and re-audit if any besides expenses incurred at meetings of the general body, the committee and the sub-committee retainer fees, legal charges, statutory enquiry fees among others.

I have a Bunglow in a co-op society in Mumbai. Can you please let me know if we can ask the society to bear the expenses as it is the main pillar connected to all the flats or we need to just take the permission from the society and pay our self. The builder may also be statutorily obligated to form a society.

All such amendments need to be approved by the registrar. Is this word tenant used is correct. B Lws G upta.

Whats the way out to sell the flat? Society under Cidco pls. It’s the society’s consent that matters. Please clarify and indicate the rule no. However, Rule 24 and Bye-law No.

The Maharashtra Cooperative Housing Society Bye-Laws

Is the Society right in my case Please advise me what I should do. My brother has gifted his flat to my son before 12 years. Can some tell me if we took decision not to keep bachelaors as tenanats in the flats in first general meeting and bachelors are coolerative in flats without NOC Can we not remove them out with police help and society can some one guide me.

Find this comment offensive? Is it necessary to have Deed of Declaration after possessing Share Certificate?


Now when everyone is complaining about it. I f your co-operative society is old it may continue to follow old byelaws.


All copoerative listed common area 20 percent of plinth area. Appointment of Auditors, their Remuneration, Rights and Responsibilities, removal etc. I require your kind assistance on following matter. Your email address will not be published. Under the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Acta housing society is free to adopt its own set of laws that governs its members.

Necessary action will be taken who does not follow the rule. The pillar of the main hall is damaged so we are planning to repair it. Since one year onwards Some of the Flat owners not paying monthly maintenance. This is because most housing societies disallow their members from leasing their properties to bachelors, say real estate experts. Mubmai encroachment of common areas by members to be charged at 5 times the monthly maintenance charges for the period of such encroachment.

We myself and my wife have purchased two properties one bungalow and one flat in one society at Sawantwadi, Maharashtra. Under Byelaw number 62 of the new model byelaws all you need to do is make an application to the society saying that you intend to purchase another flat. The condition for membership — Applicant to take 10 shares of Rs.

The auditor should be a panel auditor and maximum appointment for consecutive three years and maximum 20 audits excluding for societies with a paid capital of less than Rs. The main entrance is at south. However, law relating to housing societies is flexible.

Mumbaai did not intimated to the society.