Keylontic Science. The Freedom Teachings demonstrate, and in substantial detail, that the connection between Science and Spirituality, the relationship. Keylontic Science Dictionary The Keylontic Science Dictionary is a wonderful tool for new-comers as well as seasoned Keylontic Science Students. It contains. Kelontic Science Dictionary. Web Analysis for Keylonticdictionary – Welcome to Keylontic Dictionary Online. Meta Description of.

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By virtue of the given relationships within the sequence, we understand that when we focus our attention on healing one construct within the sequence, we positively affect all others. SiNeh “Some full interviews you can find at https: Until I can do so there is part of me trapped in polarity due to various distortions in the natural processes of creation.

The Yodel Language by: In order to understand these phenomena and what we can do about itwe need a reasonable grasp of Merkaba mechanics. We begin to recall, and remember more purposefully that the core substance of manifest form is Consciousness.

The treatment of polarity is a fundamental issue that differentiates this work from many other teachings. When we face a problem, bring attention to it, we are not creating nor necessarily reinforcing the problem. All of these concepts are explored thoroughly in the foundation materials. When an individuation of God-Source experiences itself in a certain sciende of dimensional frequency bands, we say it is phase locked.

Sacred Science and the law of ONE: the language of creation

They enable us to move which in reality is to expand into the next set of dimensional fields of existence and progressively ascend.

There are, of course, many variants of this principle of Creation as there are those overflowing with well-meaning, though misdirected Spiritual intention. In our physical body a sickness occurring in one area will be translated, by virtue of the inter-relatedness of the organs within the body, into sickness in other parts of the body.


You have new mail! However, it is vitally important that one moves through the techniques at a sensible pace.

Keylonticdictionary : Welcome to Keylontic Dictionary Online

The need is for enlightened and effective action. Inherent to the organic human design, is the ability to consciously release oneself from dimensionalized phase lock. This is a further reason why there is such an emphasis on Merkaba mechanics within the MCEO teachings at this time. How does this any paradigm actually shift my experience as a limited physical being to an aware, self-sovereign, empowered, multi-dimensional being, right here, right now?

They are constructs through which consciousness in the form of frequency can be directed by our own application into manifest form.

We may ask, why such emphasis on Merkaba mechanics? Therefore, DNA activation will happen to some degree whether we are aware of it or not.

I could go into a nice comfortable space where the problem doesn’t exist and try to create the reality of a fixed wheel from there. In Keylontic Science the scientific aspect of the MCEO teachings we learn about the constructs behind and within perceivable manifestation. The D frequency is also known as our Christos or Avatar level of consciousness. It is, however, possible for individual manifestations of Source to deny the Law of ONE and therefore act within a paradigm of separation anti-Christos consciousness.

These hidden truths represent a situation of immense spiritual ignorance at a point in Cosmic history where the nature and effect of the personal choices are as unparalleled as they are profound; we need to make urgent choices about how we respond to events taking place.

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There is scince natural creative process of polarisation and integration. This enables all of the levels dictioary DNA or dimensional structure to be brought back into balance.

It is also recommended to establish a firm energetic foundation by using core techniques such as the Maharic Shield. This function is organic to our nature and so although the background to the techniques can appear unfamiliar at first, the techniques themselves are simple yet powerful and pleasurable.

In spiritual terms, what is really significant is whether this activation occurs within a Christos law of ONE or anti-Christos control or separation orientation. Let’s look at this issue in a practical context. This isn’t really happening to me, it’s only an illusion. In the 3D world, we are empowered by knowing how our physical bodies work and how the systems within which we exist work such as the political, educational and monetary systems.

In a similar way, the symbols are visual sciwnce of the essence of a particular frequency band or field. Subscribe to basic income for all.

Keylontic Science

The Transduction-Manifestation Sequence In contemporary science, we learn that the structure of the physical body builds up from atoms to cells, then to tissues and organs. Ascension is a Bio-energetic process by which we progressively expand into dimensions higher in frequency and return to unified At-Onement with Source. The foundation techniques work with Dimension 12 Maharic frequency which acts a carrier wave for all other frequencies. But there’s the rub.