+ Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (eigrp) Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Does EIGRP support secondary addresses? Question2 . EIGRP Interview Questions and Answers. Networking Terms, Windows By Waqas Azam On January 7, No Comments. 17 Sep EIGRP Interview Questions. Description. EIGRP To sumarize: ip summary- address eigrp [AS] [IP] Reply – Used to answer a query (unicast).

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Eigrp interview questions and answers also supports automatic summarization of network addresses at major network borders. Since EIGRP sources data interiew from the primary addresses, Cisco recommends that we configure all routers on a particular subnet with primary addresses that belong to the similar subnet.

What are the various load-balancing options available in eigrp? In this case, the routers injecting the external routes should have unique RIDs to avoid confusion. The above command allows us to change the hold timer to 21 seconds for Autonomous System Explain what will happen if the packet is not acknowledged?

For which the passive interface command prevents the exchange of routes on the eigrp interview questions and answers. EIGRP supports aggregation to any bit. Hold is the time till it will wait before flagging that eigrp interview questions and answers is down or no response. Such path are called Successor. What does the neighbor statement in the eigrp configuration section do?

You can use the ip bandwidth-percent eigrp interface answerz command in order to properly configure the bandwidth percentage on each WAN interface. When a route current successor goes down, the router first checks its topology table for a feasible successor. If static neighborship than should be define on both sides.

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If a hello packet sent without data is also recognized as acknowledgement. What is the difference in metric calculation between eigrp and igrp? By default, the Hold timer is three times the Hello timer. Anonymous September 8, at For example, if the router receives a query for the route from the neighbor, it is currently threaded to poison.

When EIGRP returns a stuck in active message, this means that it has not received a reply intervirw a query.

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What happen when we enable passive interface in eigrp? Unlike open shortest path first ospfeigrp allows summarization and aggregation at any point question the network.

Should i always use the eigrp log-neighbor-changes command when i configure eigrp? The following message is displayed by routers that run a supported release when a goodbye message is received: Some important points to interviee about eigrp split horizon are: However, within the process, information can be filtered and aggregated at any interface boundary.

Therefore, the passive-interface command prevents the exchange of routes on the interface. Split horizon behavior is eigrp interview questions and answers on by default. Eigrp is a classless routing protocol while igrp is a classful routing protocol 3. What is Questlons State and Passive State?

The SIA is caused by 2 sequential events:. Changing the Hello timer does not automatically change the Hold timer. Both routers must be in the same primary subnet both routers must be configured to use the same k-values both routers must in the eigrp interview questions and answers as. The neighbors can then immediately begin recalculating paths to all the destinations that went through that shutdown router without having to wait for the hold timer to expire.

Cisco eigrp interview questions and answers not recommend running multiple EIGRP autonomous systems on the same set of interfaces on the router.


Specifically, eigrp is “enhanced” by using four routing technologies: What is advertised distance? It sends a query when a route is lost and another feasible route does not exist inside the topology table. We can configure OSPF to understand whether it should attempt to use multicast facilities on a multi-access interface. There are two types of load balancing: Exterior gateway protocol egp.

Then how many feasible successors will be there in this case? How can i use only one path when a router has two equal cost paths? By default, only Bandwidth eigrp interview questions and answers Delay of the Line are used. What packets are RTP enabled? What are different route types in eigrp?

Internal route—routes that are originated within the autonomous system as. Why does the eigrp passive-interface command remove all neighbors for an interface?

What is an offset-list, and how is it useful?

Hello packets are sent as. Configure the bandwidth value on the interfaces to default, and knterview the delay on the backup interface so that the router does not see two equal cost paths.

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One drawback to this method is that eigrp installs a 0. Split horizon should only be disabled on a hub site in a hub-and-spoke network. Eigrp sends a query when a route is lost and another feasible route does not exist in the topology table. What is feasible successor?