Dua Arafat – Imam Hussain (as). likes. Hussain Ibn Ali (as) was the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh and his family) and the son of Fatima (the.

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Du’a Arafah

The time of Hajj Mighat-e-Hajj. O He Who took Jonah out of the belly of the big fish! O my Lord, as you fed me and watered me. You are the Just Judge Who never wrongs.

O Ever-living when there was no living thing! So, You fashioned my creation from semen that gushed forth. Retrieved from ” https: It is You Who gave me shelter. It is You Who have introduced Yourself to ddua in all things.

Please decree for us that which is good.

Du’a Arafah – Wikipedia

You have provided me with wholesome milk as imwm. O my God, I am ignorant despite my knowledge. Explorations in Islamic Thought. It is I who confessed. Definitely, loser is he who have desired for anyone other than You. Had they, O my Master, seen. Do not leave us without Your mercy.


All praise be to Allah Who has not taken to Himself a son. I have been of the apprehensive. Your bestowals make me crave for You. It is You Who restored me to health. O He Whose favors to me are innumerable.

It is You, there is no god save You. In spite of this “reservation” by Majlesi, the whole prayer is included in standard prayer books and is recited regularly on different occasions due to it being consistent with “Shia spirituality”. O He for Whom the kings put the yoke of humiliation on their necks.

Glory be to he who surrounds the paradise with his mercy. Glory be to he who spread the earth. I have been of those seeking forgiveness. As You created me from the best of soil. O my God, please do refer to me with Your mercy so that I will appear before You. Verily, all that has been huseain by Your knowledge. Your nobility encourages me to speak. To You are the voices of various languages clamoring. All praise be to You for you have created me.

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How can You be figured out through that whose existence relies on You? You have delivered me from increase and decrease.

It is I who promised. Here I am now, O my God. Make happy by fearing You.