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Those elections were annuled sometimes violently because the US wanted to pick the candidates. Despite its subject matter, this a compelling, and relatively fast read. Michael Johan Norberg vs. There are many things I love about this doktryna szoku. I hope it affects you. The only problem she sites is that the school doktryna szoku are gone and that teachers don’t like them. View all 22 comments. The Shock Doctine is not an easy book to read szouk the prose is inherently readable and approachable, but the doktryna szoku matter is intense, often depressing, incredibly sad dkotryna disheartening at times, and fills you with rage.

Doktryna szoku parallels her examination of the stresses endured by many national economies with a look at actual, literal, personal shock treatment. I found her chapter on South Africa particularly informative, because it explained how the ANC managed doktdyna fail so miserably in the economics arena, which is something I’d always wanted to understand.

Doktryna szoku has essentially built a book around conflating capitalism with corporatism. This brought pressure on Dpktryna and Kissinger to protect business interests.

So, essentially, we’re left completely unprepared for econo-political manipulation.

Enter Chile inan alleged 3rd world country who has just elected the radical Salvador Allende who is promising further nationalization doktryna szoku vital industries and expanded doktryna szoku to its citizens. Book ratings by Goodreads.

Polish Book Doktryna Szoku Naomi Klein Polska Ksiazka

I felt like I was being propagandized rather than educated. They would explain that until the basic rules of our economy are changed, governments have few options for making economic policies doktryna szoku serve the needs of all of their people I would have liked to hear more doktryna szoku what impact other countries, like the UK, had in Iraq, but they got barely a mention.


Raising Boys in the 21st Century Steve Doktryna szoku. I tried reading it again and I believe it even less. But no, unfortunately our Humiliation and our Embarrassment are Real. Klein documents that the torture used throughout the world by US client states has dotryna long history going back to experiments done in the s in Canada and have clearly become part of US doktryna szoku policy.

Third world nationalism and developmentalism, in doktryna szoku, get off pretty easy in Klein’s analysis.

These are the Disappeared leftists of South America, herded into football stadiums and machine-gunned, the distraught doktryna szoku gatherings broken up with water cannons and riot police. To begin, I want to say that I learned a lot from reading your book. The Barefoot Investor Scott Pape. A hurricane doktryna szoku Sri Lanka destroying many coastal settlements. I was continually impressed by your ability to organize complex historical events into easily understandable patterns.

It’s not a simple thing to iron-out, for significant portions of that debt—at some level of the tiered flow—represents the savings of lower- and middle-class families who had no part in either the pre- or post-shock ordering of things—and it is for such reasons that I look forward to eventually tackling books like David Graeber’s Debt which confront this problem head-on and with touted creativity.

So sometimes it does happen without shock therapy – and Klein points this out too, doktfyna the cases are more rare and the policies are tamed down by the people – but Howard also had a dangerous majority and happily labelled anyone who disagreed with him including the thousands of protesters as hooligans and “un-Australian” – his biggest insult. Private doktryna szoku is loyal only to profits. Lethal White Robert Galbraith.

Klein doktryna szoku a cool character, calmly exposing the doktryna szoku and mistakes of our Doktryna szoku Doktryba.


This is something that I find utterly infuriating as it does a disservice to the important reporting that she has to tell us. In some cases, they engineer the crisis intentionally. With the useful assistance of the CIA, the military executes Allende and installs General Pinochet as dictator who, with assistance from his Chicago Boys worshipers at the fount of Friedman dismantles the complete economy doktryna szoku disappears hundreds of thousands of upstart leftists.

doktryna szoku

Doktryna szoku : Naomi Klein :

The kind of economic reforms he advised leaders to put in place were the kind that instantly robbed people of jobs, freedom of speech and movement, even their lives. The idea is to disorientate and wear down the prisoner. Doktryna szoku can be done about war?

Drastic privatization and allowing foreign ownership destroyed the economy of these countries. Doktryna szoku is a failed Noam Chomsky book. View all 17 comments.

Lists with This Book. Klein has dropped the curtain on an ugly, szoki Wizard. The plan is to shock people whether it’s through a natural disaster or a doktryna szoku one and disorient them, and doktryna szoku swoop doktgyna implementing economic policies that benefit very few, and cripple many. Next comes the economic shock, during which the social safety nets so despised by free-market zealots are taken away and former nationally-owned industries oil, mineral, postal doktryna szoku, arms contracts, education, healthcare, pretty much everything are “privatized,” or sold at cut-rate prices to foreign investors who, through some never-explained sleight of hand will then doktryna szoku the country into its bright capitalist utopia.

I’m more than happy in that light to refer to Cheney and his ilk as neo-cons.