Upon completion of this course you will be able to route straight pipes or tubes, place parts, route flexible tubes, adjust the design of piping or tubing network. CATIA – Tubing Design 2 (TUB) creates and manages physical designs of tubing lines/systems using industry standard conventions, terminology, practices and. The CATIA V5 tubing application is definitely still going through some growing pains. I have had some exposure to piping design and seems to.

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We are now making our tubing lines cqtia all flexible hoses using the surfacing package which is working alright, but you lose the advantages that the tubing environment is supposed to provide.

Tubing Schematic to Design – TUE

A way f5 from rigid tubes! I do have one question. Have fun and let’s make this discussion thread live! I don’t know how much success they have had integrating their design data with their manufacturing processes. In this we were able to capture V4 parts and details and import them into V5.

March 1, Do not hesitate to erase entries corresponding to workbenches you won’t use such as Waveguide, for exampleit will be vv5 more readable. A bit discouraging, somewhere I did what you suggested and I am able to route through the clamps!


March 17, August 5, December 2, The only change I made compared to the default DS flexible is a section sketch modification, and type, tbuing fit my customization.

April 18, Feel free to ask more questions All our cblocks and some brackets are inserted from the std parts library. I did attend the Summer University in Las Vegas: I have been able to create custom tubing test environments without much trouble using WordPad.

By setting up this rule, you enable listing of your parts during part placement: Terms of Service – Privacy Policy – Contact. March 29, Tubing has place for lot of improvements, beginning with full support of LCA exploded save mode.

June 17, Thanks in advance to continue this thread. All primary structural parts are partly defined, positioned and by the way available for clamp direct positioning.

COE : Forums : Working with TUBING DESIGN & ENOVIA LCA

March 3, You going to COE in Atlanta this next year? We had the identical issue with flexible hoses, and were not able to resolve it either.

I know next to nothing about xml and have run into problems tuhing I used some non-alphanumeric charachters in my resource file names. But with Equipment Arrangement available or Hanger Design available, it’s clear for me that a clamp is a hanger part.

Does anyone have experience with flexible tubes design? Usually happy with the DS Seminars.

I’ve tried everything, and no way to make it work, even with correctly defined compatibilities. This seems to be very complex. The idea is to map functional classes with physical part classes.


Tubing Schematic to Design – TUE | Inceptra

To my mind, a flexible tube part should rely on a “flexible” run, represented by a spline, with a fresstyle-like edition interface control points. You will be prompted to select physical parts corresponding to diagram symbols Hope it will help you. Now comes the hard part of figuring out how to implement it with a customer. We have used parameters and tables to tell us what length to make the flexible run in order to get the desired total length hose including the 2 end fittings.

They have invited us for a test and I just wonder if someone else tried it and assed how good the correlation is. March 15, I won’t be alone to deploy it, some “business” resources will participate. Have any of you two or anyone else run across this before?

Is there a V Doc somewhere out there?

About catalogs, you’re right: April 11, First, consider that you have to share resources between these applications: Fortunately the Hanger application does not seem to require tubibg customization to be used.