Warhammer Fantasy – Bretonnia – 6th – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Warhammer Dark Elves 8th Edition Warhammer Army Book. So after toiling away for nearly the entire day (almost 12 hours straight, back says ouch!), I’ve finally finished the Bretonnia book, my longest to. 8th Ed: Lance Formation does not use supporting attacks, meaning you will lose As for the fluff, I need to read the TK book thoroughly first.

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Though your new Lore does make some things less viable if your bring magic users to begin with, of course and a lot of Virtues do have 5 points taken off, giving you a couple more points you can put towards something else. They are a WS4, BS4, I4 of skirmishing scouts with Longbows and a special rule that makes their shooting attacks ignore armor saves. Bretonnia unofficial 8th ed out now! Kharn Darko 5 July at I don’t really play 40k, so that’s not likely.

Email required Address never made public. Themoonlightwolf1 26 May at Bretonnian knights are already deadly as hell on the charge. Fantasy Battles game was discontinued by Games Workshop and was replaced with Warhammer: I’ve simply used GW’s old pts system. About “Mercenaries of Tilea”, why not calling them just “Tilea”? Grail Pilgrims are a solid flank unit. Hi, glad you like the list! Age of Sigmar game in As long as the weapons you give them look big and chunky it doesn’t matter if the arms you use are a pair.

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Mostly that they are very very powerful and need to be toned down. The basic plastic set can do either of the Core choices, but in typical GW fashion you will pay much more for Questing and Grail knights. I’ll think about adding the sniper rule though, but I don’t want them to be too good, Bretonnia is not really about archers after all! Posted by Mathias Eliasson at Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Well it does say that the Faceless are sometimes nobility working on things they can’t do openly.

Men at Arms are the backbone of the Brettonian army and consist of either nobles, the retinue of nobles or sufficiently wealthy commoners that can afford to fight as heavy cavalry.

Warhammer Armies Project: Bretonnia 9th Ed and 8th ed update out now!

Overall, a nice homebrew of Bretonnia except for the reduction of the number of Heirlooms specific to Bretonnia. Bretonnians are a tactically unique army with impressive models, interesting fluff and a fun playstyle.

Regarding the M A weapon options, why would anyone choose edifion or halberds over polearms, when the polearm gives you the choice of both? That link is pretty interesting though further posts in that link raised some good questions that you might want to address.

Bretonnia: Warhammer Army Project, 8th Edition Tactica – 1d4chan

I know the old models had either spears or halberds, but the new ones have pole-arms, which is what I based the list on. Overall, pretty much the same Lord except for sdition much better Hippogryph. Hobby section – Information on collecting, building and painting an army from the army book.


Another route for obtaining cheap knights is fireforge games.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Bretonnia

But what for those of us that had found playing with so few units boring? Here is the answer. Roland Strom 25 May at This page was last modified on 23 Marchat Armyy site uses cookies. Love the book but I need to know is there a conclusion to the story with Thibault?

Did I see that you removed the Morning Star special rules from the 9th boo, rules? So I don’t really see a problem. The champion of both units is called a Yeomen Sergeant.

Bretonnia: Warhammer Army Project, 8th Edition Tactica

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: William Murray 6 June at Putting a hand on the reigns or pointing heroicly will do fine. So after toiling away for nearly the entire day almost 12 hours straight, back says ouch! A bit of wdition annoyance to pegasus knights I suppose too Questing Knights Still dont look like they’re worth it compared to their Lance cousins.

I’ll be needing all the help i can get since I’m going up against dark elves, Warriors of the Chaos wastes, and high elves. Themoonlightwolf1 20 May at