Introduction-to-antiphilosophyst. Introduction-to- antiphilosophyst. Introduction to Antiphilosophy. by Boris Groys. Introduction to Antiphilosophy has 45 ratings and 0 reviews. Philosophy is traditionally understood as the search for universal truths, and philosophers. Introduction to Antiphilosophy by Boris Groys, Global Distinguished Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies at New York University, and also a Professor of.

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A traditional philosopher is like a traditional artist: And yet so many do not retire from groye fray — the wake is never-ending and becomes a necrophilic carnival whose guests refuse to depart.

Benjamin certainly fits badly with a conventional version of philosophy, and Groys argues that the difference between philosophy and theology is the difference between the future and the past: In that one slippage, the whole of anti-philosophy’s conundrum is caught in flash-photography. Born to Russian parents in Berlin inGroys borsi up and was educated in Leningrad; at university boeis studied mathematical logic and linguistics.

Introduction to Antiphilosophy discusses a dozen or so thinkers — most of them Western European, most of them unsystematic — since Kierkegaard. Antiphilosophy does not abolish philosophical metanoiabut rather democratizes it.

Introduction to Antiphilosophy by Boris Groys – review | Books | The Guardian

Scintilla rated it liked it Jul 08, But a sense that the interest of art derives above all from its unconscious embodiment of history is widespread among academic critics, most of whom share with the general public an aversion to expressly political work.

Paulvn rated it it was bboris Dec 13, Adorno held a position like this. The full text of this book review is only available to subscribers of the London Review of Books. In Art PowerGroys mocks the solemn ideological vagueness of so many academic essays, exhibition catalogues and wall captions: Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

The fact is that the word ‘introduction’ carries with it too many pedagogical associations, and Groys’ extremely interesting research should be taken more as a prolegomena for any discussion of anti-philosophy in more recognizable terms. Jack rated it it was amazing Oct 04, Samuel Rhodes rated it liked it Nov 04, These anti-philosophers, broadly speaking, begin with Kierkegaard and Nietzsche, and, mediated by Heidegger, lead into so-called “continental philosophy”: Antlphilosophy meant to dedicate Aesthetic Theory to Beckett, and the few other modernists he singles out for praise Kafka, Schoenberg and Celan amtiphilosophy them give off some of the same feeling of emotional irremediability and formal intransigence.


East or West, all but a handful of artworks supplied only another dose of compliance and regimentation. Adorno is worth keeping in botis while reading Boris Groys, who is one of the more interesting philosophical — he would say antiphilosophical — writers on art today. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Whether you find this terrifying or not, it’s worth wondering about.

Just don’t think about it

This book is bogis yet featured on Listopia. Indeed, Deleuze is a very poor exemplar of postmodernism, being a champion of both philosophy in general and metaphysics in particular, and so especially opposed to many of the anti-philosophies professed by both analytic and continental thought. Only in The Communist Postscripta short consideration of the relationship of communism to philosophy, does Groys return to the USSR, making a new case for a kind of ideally existing Stalinism.

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Although I would recommend it to anyone already interested in critical theory and the avant garde, it is not quite the book I thought it was. For all that there is to enjoy in this argument, Groys antiphilosophh no apologist for anti-philosophy in all its forms, but is simply describing its place within a broader history of ideas, most often connected with the history of art and art theory.

Introduction to Antiphilosophy

antiphilosopgy Open Preview See a Problem? Loading comments… Trouble loading? This unorthodox approach is avowed right from the start, as is clearly stated in the preface to this English-language translation: Nor is it ‘introductory’ in the sense of systematically setting out the fundamental principles and common strategies of anti-philosophy in relativism, skepticism, nihilism, or pluralismbe they historical or contemporary examples.


Vassilchik rated it it was amazing Jul 28, This parallel between art and philosophy draws the project closer to Groys’ own field while also facilitating a very productive analogy in the notion of a readymade concept.

Apparently a summons to politics, it is in effect an evasion. This point of termination marks another contrast with the contemporary anti-philosophy of the postmoderns, according to Groys. In Introduction t Philosophy is traditionally understood as the search for universal truths, and philosophers are supposed to transmit those truths beyond the limits of their own culture.

Groys even manages not to quote one of Benjamin’s most famous observations: That said, one suspects that Groys is actually rather skeptical of the whole enterprise, and especially with regard to some of the more contemporary forms of anti-philosophy that he dubs ‘postmodern’. Daniel Carlsson rated it liked it Mar 27, Dusty rated it liked it Sep 13, After concentrating on Soviet art in The Total Art of Stalinismhe has mainly written discrete essays in which he looks, with Eastern eyes, at Western art and philosophy.

Even though Heidegger still holds to rather traditional artworks as being ‘essential’ his choices coming for the most part from the standard Western canonby the lights of his own theory, any work can be future-oriented its origins cannot be predicted after all and so could be essential pp.

Claussm rated it it was amazing Sep 26, Guy Blissett rated it really liked it Oct 11, Indeed, the term ‘readymade’ appears throughout Groys’ collection and does, in various kindred ways, emerge within its core argument antiphiloophy that anti-philosophy is connected to anti-art through the notion of the ‘readymade’:. Today he teaches art theory in Karlsruhe and New York City. Two essays stand out.