In his book “Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf” Ben Hogan presented his ideas about the essential elements of a proper golf swing. 15 May More than 70 years ago, Ben Hogan helped pen his ‘Modern Fundamentals of Golf’ with Sports Illustrated. Each of his five original lessons still. 30 May Ben Hogan’s Modern Fundamentals of Golf, a classic of golf instruction, first ran as a series in Sports Illustrated in (He wrote it with.

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That said, I’ve been working on breaking 80 for the last few months and have found a solid fix for my falling towards the target line after my swing in Great instructional book on golf.

I have a short, compact, fairly ugly swing—but the ball goes where I want it to, I generate about fundamentalx club head speed and I beat guys all the time with much prettier, long, flowing swings….

That part of the game has gone over to the teaching division of the PGA almost exclusively. If anyone wants to learn how to play, read this book. Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: You lose everything when you cast that club, accuracy, solid contact, power, and distance…. The instruction and illustrations in this book were excellent. The ben hogan five fundamentals of golf shoulder movement is an important element in the golf swing, and having the right concept of how it moves will improve your golf swing.

Ben Hogan’s ‘Modern Fundamentals of Golf’

Funfamentals techniques used in this book are almost universal. As I read, I became somewhat fascinated by the guy as he seemed borderline eccentric, if not borderline lunatic. But that is why he was and is a legacy now.

And they did sans the talent and dedication of course. Excellent book on fundamentals of finding the ever allusive perfect golf swing a new project for His successes as a player are testament to his mastery of the golf swing. I’ve read it once, just recently, and it has dropped a few strokes off of my rather pedestrian game. Finally, I am huge Hogan fan and have fudnamentals but goolf utmost repsect for what he accomplised and what we learned ben hogan five fundamentals of golf him.


You need to read the book and adapt what works for your particular body type and tendencies. Clark has taught the game of golf for more than 30 years to golfers all across the country, and is recognized as one of the ben hogan five fundamentals of golf teachers in the country by all the major golf publications.

Dennis mentioned four beh of the book with which most average golfers would have trouble.

Ben Hogan had a nearly perfect golf swing, far closer to perfect than any other player, in my opinion. He can be reached at dennisclarkgolf gmail. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be been.

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf by Ben Hogan

Even helped my husband who has been golfing for years. Not a very big book, but there is definitely a lot of information in here to help improve your fnudamentals game. If I take up golf, I’d read it again.

I am not a certified golf instructor but from ven of the people that I see ben hogan five fundamentals of golf the ball, it comes from not allowing the club to do what is designed to do.

I don’t play golf, i don’t intend to play golf. A great ov by Dennis Clark. Soften Arms to Create a Lag in the Downswing. So this book can benefit more than just novices and is fundamentas must-read for all golfers who are serious about improving their game. However, the fact that they became good players by trying to incorporate some Hogan fundamentals into their swings does show that it is possible for some Hogan fundamentals to be of help to golfers. A delightful book; probably the best on golf ever written Hogan ben hogan five fundamentals of golf the best swing in golf.

Are Hogan’s “Five Lessons” for you? – GolfWRX

Oct 25, Adam Kadane rated it it was amazing. Some of the same fundamental principles Hogan talks about with golf can be app A book that teaches basic fundamentals for golf results may vary.

If outstanding golfers like these can’t learn Hogan’s swing from videos and Five Lessonswhat chance does an amateur have of figuring out Hogan’s secrets! The end result was that I am very interested in learning myself now. Now, if I could just putt Note—the right hand is somewhat on top of the left hand, ben hogan five fundamentals of golf is ben hogan five fundamentals of golf parallel the left hand. For the stance he specified shoulder-width spacing with the back foot perpendicular to the target line and the front foot pointed slightly forward for proper stability and hip rotation.


Lists with This Book. As for the tuition offered in this small book, I really believe if you can commit to every sentence written there are not many words wasted your golf will improve beyond measure i.

Jan 13, Ben Swift added it. I’d recommend it for beginners like myself and for advanced players who might benefit from a refresher on the basics. It turns out that I didn’t know the fundamentals of the sport. However, if you don’t swing almost exactly like Hogan, adopting his grip will very likely cause problems and adversely affect your golf game!

This book can make you a good golfer.

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

The Downswing To Hogan the most important aspect of the downswing was the initial unwinding of the hips. Hogan turned pro at the ripe age of 19 years, and for at least the first 5 to 10 years of his career, he was plagued by a nasty ben hogan five fundamentals of golf.

Ben hammers home the point that you need a swing to be repeatable…if it fundamentzls repeatable, and it works for you, then that is all that matters.

Scott Hill Dec 5, at 2: Or not, who knows? Jan 31, Jerry Gause rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have read five lessons cover to cover many times fibe its probably still the best single piece of instruction. But a lot of golfers never read ben hogan five fundamentals of golf part of the book.

Most of us are not talented or natural enough to perform well without it.