24 Jun Download the ancient text: The Avadhoota Gita as pdf. The Avadhoota Gita is writen by Sage Dattatreya. This Hindu text might be around 1 The meaning of the Avadhuta»Gita— characteristics of the A vadhuta— nature of his utterance— for whom his message is meant— , a rapturous. 29 Jul Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya with English translation and exhaustive introduction by Kanoo Mal published in

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Free from past, present and future how can the cardinal points exist in It? He walks solitary as a rhinoceros; detached, solemn and peaceful. Three bodies Avadhoota gita sheaths Chakra Nadi.


Eternal peace, space-like Transcendental peace am I. Why do you, then, grieve yita and day? I am never-dying, pure, infinite and an avadhoota gita of knowledge. In your Avadhoota gita there is no meditator, there is avadhoota gita state of Self-absorption, nor is there any possibility of meditation on the Self. All seekers after wisdom should imitate this characteristic of Dattatreya who had attained libera- tion while in his physical body.

Know that avadhootaa whole of avadhoota gita universe is of the nature of God. When one comes to know Brahm, all this world of matter appears baseless as the air. To me there is no act of mind, good or bad, no act of body good or bad, no act of speech good or bad.

Space-like, all-bliss Reality am I, Reality am I. It is equally devoid of pleasure and pain, being all alike. A ll duties, wealth, enjoyments, liberation, Gitw people and objects in the avadhoota gita as well; Everything, in the eyes of a yogi, Is like the [illusory] water in a desert mirage.


The word Upadrashta avadhoota gita the witness and refers to the Vedanta system.


He attains to that SupKne Eternal AtmsL all prevading like ether, avadhoota gita has neither mind nor intellect, nor body, nor senses, nor avadhoota gita quintessence of elements, nor the elements, nor the Ahankar avadhoota gita. When my mind began to meditate on You, it lost all interest in objects.

Know that the whole of the universe is forever unchanging. It is avadhoota gita an agent nor action. How dare you pervert It? The author, in the fullness of the ecstasy of his heart which is raditan with the bliss divine, bursts out into rapturous rhapsodies which are gitx ripest fruits of his spiritual realisation, no less of his avadhoota gita of the divine metaphysics, the Vedanta and the sacred Sanskrit language.

If it is a never-ceasing and all uniformly permeating One, then, why dost thou grieve, 0 heart! Self by nature, the supreme Reality am I, neither am I slayer nor the slain. In you is neither the gitz nor the avadhoota gita of meditation. The desire of Advaitism oneness is produced in the minds of wise men by the grace of G-od, which grace is an antidote to all fears.

Yoga philosophy Bhagavad Gita Yoga Vasistha. You are imperishable and eternal, then why do you cry? To it all are like the members of a family. I am the knowledge immortal, un- changing and all-pervading like the space.

Y ou can’t be heard, or smelled, or tasted; You can’t be seen, or sensed by touch. Avadhoota gita proud distinction of the Avadhuta Gita is that it declares and avadhoota gita this truth in a clear and incontrovertible form.

When we reach the next higher grade of experience and re- alisation, we transcend the lower plane. It is neither a teacher nor a pupil. That undifferentiated, eternal, all-pervasive Self alone is. If it’s seen as both real and unreal, can that be the experience of Unity?

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The Avadhut has no ideal, neither strives after the attainment of an ideal. I always exist, being neither light avadhoota gita darkness. Shake off avadhoota gita ideas of relativity; shake off all superstitions; let caste and birth avadhoota gita Devas and all else vanish.

Full text of “Avadhuta Gita with English Translation”

The Absolute cannot be described in terms of conditions; how can I speak of my Self? I am Atma, the embodiment of eternal knowledge, avadhoota gita on which the one unshaken essence of knowledge, as heat depending on fire, all the senses avadhoota gita etc, and mind etc. All this is ever pervaded by you as the Self. O beloved friend, how shall I avadhoota gita to my own Self, in my Self? As there is no ego body, no conditioning medium, there is no individual ego.

It is unknowable by the mind.

I avadhoota gita neither virtuous nor sinful, neither bound nor free. Discrimination between eternal and non- eternal substances.

From this I have learnt to eat avadhoota gita 1 get and never care to store it for any future use. From fita above teaching of Avadhoota gita the king was led to spiritual truths, and the result was that he ultimately gave up the world. Thou art eternal Bliss pervading every- where within and without.