Sister Jesme, born , is an academic from Kerala, India. She resigned from her post as Sister Jesme (). Amen: the Autobiography of a Nun. 14 Nov Sister Jesme on why she wrote that controversial book Amen. 10 Oct Amen autobiography of Sister Jesme is a thrilling read. Sex, money and power struggle – her book, rather her life had all the elements which.

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amen by sister jesme Notify me when there is a new review. After ensuring that Sr Abhaya was dead in the well, the three accused persons had in a strategic move closed the door of the kitchen from outside with the express intention of diverting the focus of any probes. No trivia or quizzes yet. I felt the writing is unorganized. I agree with you that this does sound like a book that needed to be written, but maybe it would have been better if it was written by someone else. Feb 16, Sumit Ranjan rated it it was ok.

One incident blends into the amen by sister jesme and before you try and understand what happened you are pulled into an entirely non-related incident. So this young girl decides to become a nun at the age of seventeen after a Retreat at her college.

‘My story had to be told’ – The Hindu

Sex, money and power struggle — her book, rather her life had all the elements which could make a blockbuster novel or a movie. She says that her family does not want her to return home.

What is the jseme with Sr. Jun 03, Aswajith added it. Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. You are commenting using your WordPress. Sr Seffi had struck Sr Abhaya amen by sister jesme the head with an axe that she found near the kitchen sitser the convent after the amen by sister jesme spotted her with Fr Kottoor and Fr Puthrukayil in a small room near amen by sister jesme kitchen in compromising postures.


She is a blind believer and is unable to accept the truth of life. Also, the events suddenly jump into our face without proper explanation. But things became worse when in the early s, Sr. Barely 17, she was jesem that her path was serving her Master as his bride. This Indian woman wrote about her time in the convent and gives some shocking revelations, including being sexually assaulted by a priest and coerced into a lesbian affair.

The autobiography of a nun” had created a huge controversy at that time.

It just rambles on and on with one phase of life flowing into the other without a pause. When many similar or identitical things happen, it helps us to compare to find out common causes to sistef precautions.

Mary approached the Kerala Catholic Church Reformation Movement, an organization that works for rehabilitation of ex-priests and ex-nuns. I appreciate the effort she had put to bring this product out despite threats from many corners. Similar stories will surely occur in any major religion, much in contrast to professed tenets and beliefs of the same. Comments are subject to moderation, but only once per bu.

amen by sister jesme

I hope the church instead of denying the charges and accusations, try to find out the guilty and make it safe for others.

Sorry Sister Jesme, but I think you should have co-written it with another author. Amen also exposes the corrupt system of marking and allotting conduct certificates in the Christian institutions. The same is evident from the facts revealed in the book that out of every 10 nuns one is mentally disturbed. The assumption is that the institution never makes mistakes. After some years, when she becomes the principle of a college, they try to remove her from amen by sister jesme post by falsely accusing her of wrong doings.

They too have greed for money, urge for power and lust for bodily pleasures. But the book cannot be brushed amen by sister jesme completely.

Articles, reports and news published in this website carry the views and perceptions of the authors or sources concerned, who only are responsible for their content. The Sister Abhaya case was made into a movie — with a Mallu hero. Sister Jesme was very outspoken on various issues such as donations among others which led to some of the senior sisters turning against her. Kerala nun should throw Rs 12 lakh compensation back at church. Amen by sister jesme wonder she would have been more happy as a householder than a renunciate.


Amen: The autobiography of a nun

I hope there will be a change for better. You are commenting using your Facebook account. She portrays it as they didn’t like the fact that she was running the school and trying to fix the corruption and the greed for money, but I couldn’t help but wonder if there were any other reasons. I must say that her approach of teaching has been very innovative and courageous. How, under the hood of nun-hood and priest-hood, and the entire celibacy thing, sexual harrassment and abuse is rampant.

Dec 25, Abhiram rated it it amen by sister jesme ok. The CBI also said that it was likely that more persons could be amen by sister jesme as accused though the number of accused was now limited to three. We also reserve the right not to publish comments that are abusive, obscene, inflammatory, derogatory or defamatory.

We require whistle-blowers like her in every organization. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. The victim has no succour. Jessme it was boring. Nuns and Fathers are normal humans with thier basic sex instincts which they forcebily suppress with their blind beliefs. If she’s happy now, free from the shackles of the Convent, good for her.

Amen by sister jesme Raja, pachake yahoo. She is goodness personified. Thanks for the review.