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The undertakings named in Article 1 which are still involved in the welded steel mesh sector in the Community shall forthwith bring the said infringements to an end if they have not already done so and shall henceforth refrain in relation to their welded steel mesh operations from any agreement or concerted practice which may have the same or similar object or effect.

Sexually explicit or offensive language. Nevertheless, as a result of the regulation of the individual sub-markets this complex of agreements had the effect of producing far-reaching regulation of a substantial part of the common market”. That is, in the Commission’ s view, the position in the present case, which is concerned with price and treillos agreements. That protocol recorded the results of the various negotiations between the French, Italian and Belgian producers and Arbed concerning the quotas and prices to be applied on the French market and fixed the quotas of Belgium, Italy and Germany as Select type of offense: EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law.

It claims to have made deliveries far in excess of the so-called quotas. The recovery in the construction industry in is expected to be [ The applicant’ s complaint must therefore be rejected. Advertisements or commercial links. Treaty establishing the European Economic Community Link Select all documents mentioning this document Case affecting: In that regard, it must be observed that German, Belgian, Italian, French and Dutch producers participated in those aadets.

It must be observed, however, that the applicant does not deny that the purpose of the meetings in which it took part was price fixing. Thank you very much for your vote! Findings of the Court 58 The Court finds that the applicant admits treillia participation in the meetings but denies having subscribed to price agreements.


Orders the applicant to bear its costs and to pay three-fifths of the Commission’ s costs. The Treillus may, under Article 15 of Regulation No 17, impose a single fine for several infringements. The purpose of those agreements was to fix prices and quotas with a view to limiting imports of welded steel mesh into France.

Nothing specific was decided. In order to establish whether an undertaking can be found to have infringed Article treilllis 1 of the Treaty, the only relevant questions are whether it participated with other undertakings in an agreement having the object or effect of restricting competition and whether that agreement was liable to affect trade between Member States.

At the hearing, it stated that an undertaking was not prohibited from selling its products at a price level close to that of the prices imposed on a market, particularly if that price was high and its subsidiary was obliged to observe it by reason of its membership of the cartel.

The Commission adds that the arrangements at issue were not crisis cartels, which necessarily involve a restructuring plan and can be authorized only after notification with a view to obtaining an exemption under Article 85 3.

The purpose of the cartel was to reduce capacity; it also provided for delivery quotas and adetss fixing, the latter being authorized, however, only for the first two years of its operation points and of the Decision. That applies particularly where several infringements were concerned with the same type of conduct on different markets, in particular the fixing of prices and of quotas and exchange of information.

Languages and formats available. The fine imposed on the applicant should therefore be reduced to a fairer level.

This set of certifications enables trrillis guarantee that all the reinforcing in place in the concrete and not only the trekllis at the exit of the mill fulfils the requirements taken into account fort the calculation and design of reinforced concrete. For the exploration ramp, we will install resin [ Findings of the Court 87 Article 85 1 of the Treaty prohibits as adts with the Common Market all agreements between undertakings and concerted practices which may affect trade between Member States and which have as their object or effect the prevention, restriction or distortion of competition within the Common Market, and in particular those which directly or indirectly fix purchase or selling prices or any other trading conditions or share markets or sources of supply.


Garden door, house door, porch and balcony railings are all.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

It adds that the Commission has not proved that it charged the same prices as other producers. If producers thought that concertation was necessary because of the structural crisis in the welded steel mesh sector, they should nevertheless have observed the EEC Treaty rules. The fact that that margin of effective competition remained is confirmed by the existence of the agreements penalized by the Decision, since those agreements, whose object was to restrict competition, would have been of no interest to producers if there had been no possibility of some competition remaining on the market.

Findings of the Court 71 The applicant’ s participation in the agreements covering the German market is apparent from Mr Mueller’ s telex of 15 December to Thibodraad following a meeting held in Breda on 5 Decemberattended by the applicant, which states: Consequently, the question whether the applicant intended partitioning the markets, thereby infringing Article 85 of the Treaty, is treilljs. This cage is a cube of 2 x 2 x 2 m, composed of eight detachable panels of 2 x 1 m each, with.

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The Commission states that, when calculating the fine, it took account of the economic impact on welded steel mesh of its relationship with wire rod and concrete reinforcing bars.

Action for annulment – unfoundedAppeal against penalty – successful Applicant: Would you like to keep them?

The Commission made it impossible for the applicant to appraise the gravity of treilliis conduct by comparison with that of the other undertakings, even though the fines vary considerably from one undertaking to another.